Deliver data driven strategies

Who We Are

Momentum Sports Africa is a premium sports agency. We are growth hackers within the sports industry who employ data-driven methodology to develop strategies that activate sports entrepreneurship. We commercialize the sportsperson by incentivizing the value chain; 

to increase market relevance through capacitating business acumen amongst professional sportsperson. We activate commercialization in the sportsperson, engage growth mindsets to view themselves as strategic business units and they, being the CEO’s of the same.

Our vision

Momentum Sports Africa envisions and Africa where all sportsperson recognize their capacity as entrepreneurship. A sports economy that is not only prosperous, equitable and inclusive but also advocates for clean air environments and is globally influential. We see a continent where we can capitalize on all possible opportunities, build collaborations with Governments, the private sector and international organizations crucial to addressing the challenges and creating an enabling environment for sports-related entrepreneurship to flourish in Africa.

Our Leadership

MSA’s founding leadership team is based in Nairobi, Kenya. They bring more than 75 years of experience in technical management, talent management, marketing and branding and event management in the sports industry in Africa, across the regions and around the world.