Growing future sportsmen

We mitigate economic challenges that often pose significant obstacles for sports-related entrepreneurship in Africa. Our misson is to drive the impact and ambition of the African development agenda through redefining the African Sports industry, strengthening the link between sport and development in order to achieve developmental goal and maximizing the contribution of sports to youth empowerment and job creation.
Our diverse range of activities embiodes our commitment to fostering sustainable and inclusive growth, economic development and technology advancement in Kenya and beyond.

About MSA

Education and Capacity Building

When it comes to the world of sports, entreprenuers face unique economic challenegs that require specific strategies to overcome. One such strategy is education and capacity building. We provide the sports persons training ad workshops – these sessions equip the entreprenuers with necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the competive industry with global standards. Topics such as financial literacy, marketing strategies, positive competitive psychology, social intelligence taxation and legal intelligence are covered to ensure entreprenuers have a well rounded understanding of running a successful sports career/business

MSA Events - Building strong support networks

Hosting sporting events to increase exposure and opportunites to network is one intervention we capitaise on. Mentorship and networking programs can provide aspiring sports-related entrepreneurs with the guidance, support, and resources they need to succeed. Mentorship programs can pair aspiring professional sportsperosn with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support on a variety of business topics. Networking programs can provide opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with other industry professionals, and potential investorss, who are willing to sponsor their careers and invest in their idea as well