Brand Build

MSA Brand build course entail; execution of precise training, workshops and integration into professional practice.

Sport is a universal language that transcends borders, language and socioeconomic barriers therefore, through exchange of young, skilled sports instructors, administrators and coaches. 

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  • Field and Technic Exposure

The sportsman, in order to obtain performance in his particular sport, must have learned a group of movements, following ideal models, which will facilitate the execution of precise actions to improve his motor skills.
At Momentum Sports Africa, we train amateur as well as professional sports persons to become critical, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals. We also provide training and workshops for sports professionals so that they can apply the most up-to-date ideas and theories to their work.
We incorporate existing knowledge as well develop new knowledge, so future professionals can integrate seamlessly into professional practice.

Friends of MSA

What are they saying

Biko Adema

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I was excited to join Momentum Sports Africa's platform and build my professional brand further through their support and guidance. The nutritional advice I got has allowed me to consider the most appropriate diet choices based around my daily schedules.

Benson Salem

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I am privileged and excited to be working with Momentum Sports Africa in building my brand as a sports person. I got equipped with the right information about Nutrition so that I can be in perfect health to compete effectively and I’m looking forward for more.

Fidens Onyango

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I enjoyed the Profile interview as I got to share a little about my personal life as well as my sports life and it was the first step of building my brand as a Sportsperson. The Nutrition interview was quite educational as I got to learn a lot about the best foods to eat at different times of the day during both on and off-season.

Ian Mumbwani

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

Momentum Sports Africa is a professional organisation and breath of fresh air in the sporting scene, I am stoked to have worked with them in an upcoming production that has given athletes like myself a platform to create my own brand as well as equip me with the right information in as far as Body Nutrition is concerned, I am excited and can't wait until it's out. Thank you MSA.