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Training Combination – It’s More About the Life You Gain

I like to reference training as a deposit into longevity. More so, functional longevity that maintains our natural bodily movement into old age if/when we are so blessed. I mean, we all want to maintain the decency of using the bathroom without calling for help, no?

Our bodies do not operate in an isolation fashion. Case in point, when you bend down to pick or lift something, your entire body functions as a team. As we age, we experience an involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength and function. Bones become more brittle.

But then what do we find in most commercial gyms?

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So, Which Way Lungs?

Despite the training plan, you most often than not find yourself gasping for breath, perhaps even perspiring profusely.

Take for instance a run, distance 2000m. This distance can be achieved both aerobically and anaerobically. An athlete could choose to take on the distance from start to finish, utilizing the aerobic system. In the course of the race, the athlete will achieve a steady state, where the pace is manageable and they aren’t “pushing”.

Alternatively, an athlete could choose to split the distance into 10 sets of 200m distances with a minute rest in between, while sprinting at top speed (maximal effort) during each set.

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Anaerobic Training

When you strike a matchstick, you get an instant and intense flame burst that dies out as quickly as it showed up. However, should you wish for the flame to continue burning, you use the lit matchstick to light a fire, fueled by an alternative energy source e.g., gas, firewood, etc. This fire could go on for an extended period of time. The matchstick flame in this context describes anaerobic training.

This form of training/exercise involves quick bursts of energy at maximum effort for a short time. The idea here is that a lot of energy is released within a small period of time with oxygen demand surpassing oxygen supply.

Think back to your last gym session. What activities did you do?

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Aerobic Training

In this article we review Aerobic Training. Different sport activities utilize different energy systems based on the energy demands. The human body has three (3) training energy systems as below:

  1. Anaerobic alactic- High amounts of energy expended over short duration intensity and acceleration. Examples of sportsperson who utilize this energy system are sprint distance runners, weightlifters, etc. (mostly athletes that utilize explosive movements).
  2. Anaerobic Lactic– Provides energy for medium to high-intensity activities, timed as upwards of ten (10) seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds. Middle distance running and Team sports e.g., Basketball where shifts and transitions are part of the game rely on this energy system.
  • Aerobic Energy System– The aerobic system provides energy for low to medium-intensity activities lasting upwards of 2 minutes. Sports and activities that require repeated shifts rely on this energy system e.g., Distance swimming, distance running, etc.

The latter is the focus of this article, what we often refer to as cardio. This energy system utilizes fat as fuel and is activated when the other 2 have been fatigued and a steady state of activity achieved.

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