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Mid-Event Fuel

Imagine being on a long-distance trip, in the middle of the highway and suddenly your car runs out of fuel. Only to realize that you did not carry extra fuel and there’s no fueling station within sight. This is a nightmare for anyone right? Without mid-event Fuel, Not only is your trip cut short indefinitely but getting help will more than likely take a long time, and worse still if the location affects your mobile network coverage.

Think of your body the same way. In sports events like a marathon,

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Am I eating for Game Power?

When thinking about a pre-event meal, I couldn’t help but think about road trips. Before setting off, one is advised to prepare their vehicle and make sure it is in perfect condition and fueled. Your vehicle should always be fueled but during a trip you want to boost your reserves for a smooth journey. As a sportsperson your events are like the trips, you need to have proper nutrition throughout but also need a boost meal before the event, eat right to improve your game power.

A few days leading up to the sports activity, boosting carbohydrate intake, is helpful (we will discuss Carb –Loading soon). Your body stores a considerable amount of water as it stows away carbohydrate as muscle glycogen. Ensure that you drink plenty of beverages such as water, fruit juice, sports drinks, and low-fat milk with your meals and snacks.

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Maximize your Sports Performance

The foundation of a Sportsperson’s performance is greatly determined by the nutrition lifestyle.

As a sportsperson, it is important that you incorporate a comprehensive diet plan that matches the physical demands of sports activities. A good balanced diet ensures that you have the right amount of energy to prepare, participate in, finish, and recover from a sports activity. It ensures that you consume the right amounts of calories, carbohydrates, fluids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, which generates the energy you need to boost your performance, improve your concentration, and accelerate muscle energy.

Understanding the composition of the diet you should adopt as a sportsperson is key in achieving this balance.

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How Much Water Does Your Body Need?

Water is the essential constituent of the human body as all cells, organs, and tissues are primarily comprised of water making it vital for the correct functioning of the body. Proper hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during and after exercise.

Water transports nutrients and oxygen into cells, regulates body temperature, acts as a lubricant and shock absorber to protect joints, supports digestion & removal of waste products, and is also required to breakdown food so we can use it as energy.

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Biko Adema

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I was excited to join Momentum Sports Africa's platform and build my professional brand further through their support and guidance. The nutritional advice I got has allowed me to consider the most appropriate diet choices based around my daily schedules.

Benson Salem

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I am privileged and excited to be working with Momentum Sports Africa in building my brand as a sports person. I got equipped with the right information about Nutrition so that I can be in perfect health to compete effectively and I’m looking forward for more.

Fidens Onyango

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I enjoyed the Profile interview as I got to share a little about my personal life as well as my sports life and it was the first step of building my brand as a Sportsperson. The Nutrition interview was quite educational as I got to learn a lot about the best foods to eat at different times of the day during both on and off-season.

Ian Mumbwani

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

Momentum Sports Africa is a professional organisation and breath of fresh air in the sporting scene, I am stoked to have worked with them in an upcoming production that has given athletes like myself a platform to create my own brand as well as equip me with the right information in as far as Body Nutrition is concerned, I am excited and can't wait until it's out. Thank you MSA.