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Understanding Disputes in Sports

The growth of sports from a recreational activity to becoming one of the most popular professions in the world has not come without challenges and this has been seen through the emergence of sports disputes, legally speaking. This has then led to respective emergence of dynamic dispute resolution mechanisms.

What is a dispute? A dispute is a disagreement between people or groups on matters earlier pre-agreed upon.

What are the Disputes in Sports?

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Your image, Your wealth

Sports Image Rights give a sportsperson the right to make money off their appearance, voice, pictures, signatures, slogans, personal logos and more. Indeed, your image, your wealth! Sports Image rights allows the sportsperson to decide when, how and by whom their voice, image and name can be captured, reproduced or published, especially whereby the intention is to make money.

Kenya has seen a current trend whereby sportspeople are increasingly being sought after by companies for their marketing campaigns. It is therefore very crucial for sportspeople to now more than ever be aware of their Sports image rights so as to know how to efficiently make money from it.

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Taxation in sports

Let’s talk about Tax in Sports;


Tax is the amount of money that a government requires people, including sportspeople, to pay according to their earnings or income. The amount collected is used for national development in building roads, construction hospitals, schools and more projects.

Article 209 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 states that the National Government has the right to collect taxes. The National Government has delegated this right to the body known as the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) which collects all revenue in Kenya under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.

How much tax should a sportsperson pay?

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Contracts in Sports

What is a Contract? A Contract is an agreement between parties that creates a legal obligation. Where a sportsperson enters into an employment contract with a sports team or an endorsement contract with a company, such a contract becomes binding on both parties, to mean that neither can back out before the contract ends, without them being sued for breach of contract. A sportsperson should then ask themselves what are the things they need to know about the contracts they are getting into to evade a situation. They are;

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Friends of MSA

What are they saying

Biko Adema

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I was excited to join Momentum Sports Africa's platform and build my professional brand further through their support and guidance. The nutritional advice I got has allowed me to consider the most appropriate diet choices based around my daily schedules.

Benson Salem

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I am privileged and excited to be working with Momentum Sports Africa in building my brand as a sports person. I got equipped with the right information about Nutrition so that I can be in perfect health to compete effectively and I’m looking forward for more.

Fidens Onyango

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

I enjoyed the Profile interview as I got to share a little about my personal life as well as my sports life and it was the first step of building my brand as a Sportsperson. The Nutrition interview was quite educational as I got to learn a lot about the best foods to eat at different times of the day during both on and off-season.

Ian Mumbwani

Nondies RFC Rugby Player

Momentum Sports Africa is a professional organisation and breath of fresh air in the sporting scene, I am stoked to have worked with them in an upcoming production that has given athletes like myself a platform to create my own brand as well as equip me with the right information in as far as Body Nutrition is concerned, I am excited and can't wait until it's out. Thank you MSA.